Quality Management:

ISO/TS 16949:2016

Total Quality Management Principles:

- Quality of raw materials used.

- Product control points across the manufacturing cycle.

- Quality management training across departments.

A culture of quality control and improvement is instilled and adopted across the board in an effort to constantly improve not only the product quality, but also processes. 

This mind-set across the departments helps us better identify risks to our business and take steps to address them early-on. 

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Competitiveness, Longevity, Supply Chain Dependability

Identifying risks:

As of late, automotive supply chains around the world have been disrupted causing inefficiencies across the board. 

This has led us to re-think and re-design our supply chains and quality control procedures. We have come to include business continuity and supply chain dependability under the umbrella of quality management via an inter-departmental committee.

This committee extends to quality, planning, purchasing, logistics and sales departments.

Periodic meetings help us discuss, identify, better understand and address risks to operations early-on.

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Quality Control Measures: Manufacturing 

There are various quality control check points starting from the raw materials acceptance into the warehouse to the point goods are packed in pallets. 

As production continues, tests such as visual compliance and leakage tests are carried out. 

Quality Control Measures: Machine park

* Expansion,

* Burst pressure and

* Load carrying

* Leakage test machines.

* Various measuring devices.