Air Springs “Problem – Cause – Solution”

  Problem and Cause                                                                                                                      Solution  

    Deformed Air Springs

·    improper storage

·    improper transport

·    improper handling

 ·  storage according to ISO      5285 no daylight, dry, at     normal room temperature

·     avoid improper transport 

·   avoid improper handling

Damage of the conical beads and cuts

·   improperly mounted bead plate 

·    pinching of the bellows with metal parts

·     keep conical beads clean and corrosion free

·     avoid driving without pressure in the air suspension

Bellows rubs off at shoulder

·   bead plate diameter incorrect 

·   bellows too long for application


·      make sure to use original parts 

·      avoid wrong cross references

Broken off thread bolts

·   excessive torque

·   use of oils or lubricants

·     don’t exceed recommended torque according to your maintenance manual 

·     avoid usage of oils or lubricants


·    spring travel not restricted

·    incorrectly adjusted level control 

·    air spring not suitable for application

·     check the shock absorbers

·      check and adjust level control valve

·      double check if the air spring fits the OE part number


·   Bellows contact with chassis parts

·   Bellows contact with foreign bodies

·      double check if the air spring fits the OE part number

·      check regularly and remove foreign objects stuck between bellows and piston

Chemical contamination 

·   usage of oils or lubricants

·     avoid usage of lubricants or cleaners which contain mineral oils

·     check air springs on a regular basis

Air Spring bursting, broken piston 

·    overload

·    exceeding the maximum allowable pressure


·      never exceed the maximal allowed weight of the vehicle